Roots Manuva, Run Come Save Me  
Roots Manuva
Run Come Save Me
Label: Big Dada
Release Year: 2001
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. No Strings...
2. Bashment Boogie
3. Witness (1 Hope)
4. Join The Dots
5. Black Box Interlude
6. Ital Visions
7. Kicking The Cack
8. Dub Styles
9. Trim Body
10. Artical
11. Hol' It Up
12. Stone The Crows
13. Sinny Sin Sins
14. Evil Rabbit
15. Swords In The Dirt
16. Highest Grade
17. Dreamy Days
  While the debate rages about why a country as large and multicultural as England has yet to produce a noteworthy MC, Roots Manuva makes a strong case that a contender has arrived. On "Witness 1 Hope" (hands down, the best cut on the album) and "Article," Manuva drops some clever Jamaica-meets-Brixton, patois-inflected rhymes over producer Lord Gosh's otherworldly beats and sci-fi sound effects. Innovative, this album is. Jurassic 5's Chali 2na's thick baritone adds some Left Coast flavor to "Join the Dots" as Manuva waxes about South London life. This release captures a unique snapshot of black British musical tastes with equal parts funk, dub, roots reggae, electronica, and hip-hop. Check out "Highest Grade," a dub pro-weed anthem, and "Sinny Sin Sins," which focuses on Manuva's run-ins with religious types ("Do I need a middleman to link with the Creator?"). This album is for freethinking hip-hoppers who appreciate Outkast and crave exposure to authentically futuristic beats and Afrocentric, avant-garde ghetto rhymes.  
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