Hum Radio  
  A new series featuring mixes compiled by the Hum Records crew and friends.

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  Flammer Dance Band, Dedikasjon Til Inspirasjon   Michel's Pick:
Flammer Dance Band
Dedikasjon Til Inspirasjon
    EUR 2xLP   
  The best Fela Kuti album from Norway!
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  Eddie Chacon, Sundown   Michel's Pick:
Eddie Chacon
    USA 1xLP 
  Eddie Chacon and John Carroll Kirby is a wonderful pair and we can't get enough of their music.
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  Kevin McCormick, Sticklebacks   Michel's Pick:
Kevin McCormick
    USA 1xLP   
  Kevin McCormick's unreleased album from the 80s is just pure bliss. Thank you, Kevin.
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  IE, Junk Body   Michel's Pick:
Junk Body
    SUI 1xLP   
  What a wonderful deep and hypnotizing album - well worth the wait of 5 years from their last full length.
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De La Soul
De La Soul is Dead
Declaime & Madlib
In the Beginning (Vol.3)
Don Kashew
[Subject To Restrictions Discs]
Guvna B
The Village Is On Fire
Larry June
Spaceships On The Blade
Pelto Studio Group
Waves Of Sound
[Top Dawg Entertainment]
The Howard Lemon Singers
You Are Somebody / For The Children
[Miles Away]
  1. Ace SL X Tru Comers
Piece of Mine
  2. Eddie Chacon
  3. El Michel's Affair And Black Thought
Glorious Game
  4. Thes One
Farewell, My Friend
  5. Ace SL X Tru Comers
Piece of Mine - Colored Vinyl
  6. Cinnamon Soulettes
I'll Show You How
  7. Diamond Cafe
Say You Will
  8. Gina Été & Tillmann Ostendarp
Le Bouquet EP
  9. Satoshi
  10. Altin Gun