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  A new series featuring mixes compiled by the Hum Records crew and friends.


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  Klara Kristin , Lullaby & Drum Machine   Michel's Pick:
Klara Kristin
Lullaby & Drum Machine
    EUR 1xLP   
  French chanson and drum machines?
We like the concept and we like the record! Hop on it!
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  Leoni Leoni, Easy Sleep - Cassette   Michel's Pick:
Leoni Leoni
Easy Sleep - Cassette
    SUI Diverse   
  Wonderfull cassette only release out of Switzerland. Dreamy music for your soul.
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  V/A, Swave Villi Us - Independent Soul 1971-84   Michel's Pick:
Swave Villi Us - Independent Soul 1971-84
    GBR 2xLP   
  Brilliant compilation! Get them while they last!
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  Amancio D'Silva, Konkan Dance   Oliver's Pick:
Amancio D'Silva
Konkan Dance
    GBR 1xLP 
  An adventurous fusion of modal jazz and Indian classical music viewed through the psychedelic lens of swinging London.
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  Mucho Plus, Nassau's Disco   Oliver's Pick:
Mucho Plus
Nassau's Disco
    GER 12inch   
  Nassau's trippin'
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  Andreas Hofer, Tonträger   Michel's Pick:
Andreas Hofer
    SUI 1xLP   
  Great new album by our friends from Second Thoughts Records. Lo-Fi Indie Rock with bluesy elements, psychedelic heavyness all sketched out to short...
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Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura
Amancio D'Silva
Konkan Dance
[The Roundtable]
Audio88 & Yassin
[Normale Musik]
Bobby J From Rockaway & Daru Jones
One Mic & Drum Breakstrumentals
Bobby Oroza
I Got Love
[Big Crown]
Bodega Bamz
Yams Heard This
[Next Records]
Chico Mann
Double Life
[Ubiquity Records]
Hiero Oldies Vol. 1
[Hieroglyphics Imperium/Elevation]
J Scienide
The Actual Heat
[Static King]
Klara Kristin
Lullaby & Drum Machine
[Klara Kristin]
Laurene LaVallis
Key To Our Love
[Symphonical Records]
Leoni Leoni
Easy Sleep - Cassette
[BlauBlau Records]
Leoni Leoni
Super Slow - Cassette
[BlauBlau Records]
Louis Crelier
Rester Partir
[Calde Verde Records]
[Stones Throw]
Menahan Street Band
The Exciting Sounds Of MSB
[Daptone Records]
Mila Anatoli
Too Late
[Spacetalk Records]
Mucho Plus
Nassau's Disco
[Kalita Records]
Ngozi Family
45,000 Volts
[Now Again]
Nick Drake
Bryter Layter
[Back To Black]
Nick Drake
Pink Moon
[Back To Black]
Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo
[Jakarta Records]
Penn Central
Right On Track
[Tramp Records]
People Under The Stairs
Bucktown 360
[Nervous Records]
Twinkle Brothers
Jealousy And Badmind
[Twinkle Music]
Swave Villi Us - Independent Soul 1971-84
The Key To Our Love Vol.1
[Symphonical Records]
Various (Slctd by DJ Yoshizawa Dynamite & Chintam)
WAMONO A to Z Vol.2
[180 G]
William Stuckey
Love Of Mine
[Athens Of The North]
  1. Amancio D'Silva
Konkan Dance
  2. V/A
The Key To Our Love Vol.1
  3. MED, Blu & Madlib
Bad Neighbor
  4. RZA
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai (Ltd. White LP)
  5. Slow Attack Ensemble
Music For Turntable, Guitar And Sampled Instruments
  6. Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers
Maze Of Sounds
  7. Currensy & Harry Fraud
The Outrunners
  8. Louis Crelier
Rester Partir
  9. Monk Hughes
A Tribute To Brother Weldon
  10. Pablo Color
Los Claveles 36 ft. Berlin Lama