Hum Radio  
  A new series featuring mixes compiled by the Hum Records crew and friends.


and here's another one

  Scott Matelic, In A Sky Blue   Michel's Pick:
Scott Matelic
In A Sky Blue
    USA 1xLP   
  Thought dusty beats aren't cool no more?
You thought wrong.
Cop it, small run, dope beats.
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  Pablo Color, Hora Azul   Michel's Pick:
Pablo Color
Hora Azul
    SUI 1xLP   
  Wait, did Bandcamp say Balearic Bossa Maestro?
Apparently they did..
Is the third volume his best yet?
Maybe it is!
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  John Haycock, In A Bloopy Mood   Michel's Pick:
John Haycock
In A Bloopy Mood
    GBR 7inch   
  Kora meets electronic devices. You can call it spiritual. You can call it Jazz. You can call it many things. I just call it: must have.
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  International Sangman, Death Rows And Spirit Ways   Michel's Pick:
International Sangman
Death Rows And Spirit Ways
    SUI 1xLP   
  A somewhat divine and powerful revision of the dub sound, stripped down, full of space, hiss and dynamic depth. A beautiful shimmering with analog...
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Aesop Rock X Blockhead
Arthur Russell
Another Thought
[Be With Records]
B Real x Scott Storch
Tell You Something
Bugzy Malone
Darius Jones
Raw Demoon Alchemy (A Lone Operation)
[Northern Spy]
Lynda Dawn
[Extra Soul Perception]
Surprise Chef
Masters At Work & Harvey Sutherland Remixes
[Mr Bongo]
Tony Peppers
[Company Records]
Your Old Droog & MF DOOM
Dropout Boogie
[Nature Sounds]
  1. Fuga Ronto
Greatest Treasure
  2. Pablo Color
Hora Azul
  3. Peter Rosenberg
Real Late
  4. BadBadNotGood
Talk Memory
  5. Bless The Mad
Bless The Mad
  6. Bremer / McCoy
  7. Caravan
Rhum Dérangé
  8. D Smoke
Black Habits
  9. Dea Blunt
Black Metal 2
  10. Donald Byrd
Places And Spaces