lojii & Swarvy, Due Rent  
lojii & Swarvy
Due Rent
Label: Fresh Selects
Release Year: 2017
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 due rent
A3 dukkits
A4 poor git da $$$
A5 50�ent ($kit)
A6 wurkin cla$s
A7 the daze
A8 the fade...
A9 iiidk
A10 ouchea
A11 do u (w/ nikko gray)
A12 blok
B1 potion (w/ versis)
B2 b4 da crowns [flip]
B3 �ents/$ense
B4 demons & angel dust
B5 free 4 who?
B6 kol' game
B7 pay rent (w/ zeroh)
B8 kurb talk
B9 northern organix
B10 unemployed (outro)
  Due Rent is a collaborative double album by solo artists lojii & Swarvy.

Written & recorded in the summer of 2016 in L.A. by the two Philadelphian transplants, lojii says �this tape is a score to being a broke nxgga in AmeriKKKa (emphasis on the KKK) � full of dreams and hustlin� to make �em happen, but dealing with the everyday pressures of making ends meet. A.K.A trying to pay rent.�

�The 22 tracks, many of which barely break the two-minute mark, make for a vast voyage through remarkable contemporary hip-hop. The grooves and beats that skip and flutter are smooth and mellow, with nods to the old-school but entirely void of nostalgia. This is a sophisticated, thoughtful, and inventive modern hip-hop record that understands anger doesn�t have to be loud.� - Daniel Dylan Wray, Bandcamp (Best 100 Albums Of 2017)
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