XL Middleton, Things Are Happening  
XL Middleton
Things Are Happening
Label: Mofunk
Release Year: 2017
Style: Funk & Soul
  Never Have Too Many Freaks
Look Who's Talkin'
Ice Level (Interlude)
Purple Sheets
Paradise Of Pavement
Better Friend
Prelude To The Invasion
Enjoy The Ride
Gotta Let You Go
They Don't Wanna Leave Me
  Things are happening. It’s a perpetual truth and something of a
mysterious, even ominous, sentiment as it applies to XL Middleton’s
follow up to “Tap Water.” Fittingly, the content of “Things Are Happening”
strays down darker or more cynical paths than its predecessor, and in
doing so takes the modern funk ethos as a whole beyond tried and true
formulas such as love songs or spiritual anthems. The grooves remain
uptempo, the synth work is still warm and percussive. But, there’s a
heavier story to tell, and greater truths to face.
The album opens with the uptempo, lowrider-ready “Never Have Too
Many Freaks.” Upon frst glance it’s a hedonistic ode to maintaining
multitudes of willing women for carnal conquest, but further listens reveal
the story of a man in search of love, let down too many times and thus
led away from the pursuit of romance. “Look Who’s Talkin’” details the
strenous nature of socializing as an introvert, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics
seated atop a warbly electro-funk instrumental. This theme is explored
again, in a more introspective fashion, on the album’s closer, “They Don’t
Wanna Leave.” On “Better Friend” (feat. Moniquea), XL plays witness
to those who would invade social circles for personal gain - an all too
common sight in the music business, perhaps foreshadowing a future
hip hop album by dropping a few bars before the song sizzles to a close.
Him and Zackey Force Funk team up on “Paradise Of Pavement,” an
anthem for the highs and lows of living in LA, framed by cosmic chords
and grinding synth bass tones. “Purple Sheets” resonates with a slow
Linn drum bounce as XL’s vocoder fnally offers a moment of unbridled
love/lust, adding a dimension to the album more akin to “Tap Water” than
anything else on the project.
Some might argue that the internalized nature of “Things Are Happening”
is badly timed, with the hyper-politicized environment we are now living in
almost demanding social commentary in art above all else. However, this
album is a reminder that, no matter who the president is or what global
woes we are facing, we also exist outside of the collective mind and have
our own individual stories to tell.
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