Your Old Droog, Your Old Droog  
Your Old Droog
Your Old Droog
Label: Chopped Herring
limited edition
Release Year: 2014
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 - Quiet Storm Interlude
A2 - Bad to the Bone
A3 - Nutty Bars
A4 - Loosey In The Store With Pennies
B1 - Good Times Are Hard To Come By These Days
B2 - Droog's Anthem
B3 - Gunsmoke Cologne
C1 - U47
C2 - You Know What Time It Is [Extended Version]
C3 - Bye Outro
C4 - Loosey In The Store With Pennies [Remix]
D1 - On the News
D2 - Boofanickoregs
D3 - The 70's
  Famed for so-called experts being convinced he was Nasty Nas in disguise, this Coney Island MC & artist has reeped valuable column inches in high and low brow publications alike. From The New Yorker, to NY Times, The Guardian to MTV [it's not for us to say which ones are high and which are low!!], dude has been makin headlines cause, he sounds like what every true Hip Hop head wishes Nas still sounded like - a huge compliment, no less. Last week when Nas was asked by MTV what he thought of the Your Old Droog situation, he conveniently forgot he knew anything about the whole saga, speaking volumes [up to 11] in the process and keeping the hardcore Hip Hop consipracy theorists salivating. Nas or not [not!], Droog killed it with his debut EP produced by himself and the extremely dope RTNC [famed for his beats for Timeless Truth, among others].  
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