Aye., 90 Now EP  
90 Now EP
Label: Chopped Herring
limited edition
Release Year: 2014
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1 - Keep It Real
A2 - Get Down feat.Teekay & I.P.
A3 - Put It On
A4 - LAB(Life's a Bitch) feat. Halfcut, Chale & MAXJULLIAN
B1 - In The Ghetto
B2 - 1OVE (One Love)
B3 - Times (NY)
B4 - Rec It feat. Dustin Def
  22 years old Jahimba Hutson is AYE. Dude is a multi-talented artist, producer, musician and [young] engineer. Currently living in Calgary, Canada, J grew up on the east and west-coasts of Canada. When he was 6 he moved to Vancouver with his mother, then onto Montreal and back to Calgary. His father is a reggae artist and the front man for the Canadian group Strugglah, so as long ago as he can remember Jahimba was surrounded by a wide variety of music. "90 Now" is a project that embodies his [admittedly early] recollections of the 90's and its influence on Hip Hop music and culture. Tip!  
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