Kev Brown / Georgia Anne Muldrow, Never Ends  
Kev Brown / Georgia Anne Muldrow
Never Ends
USA 7inch 
Label: Insect Records
colored vinyl
Release Year: 2011
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Never Ends  
  Get Down  
  More unreleased music selected by J-1 a.k.a. THE DEER as a sort of book-end to the compilation, "Starship 27 - Vol. 2: Take Off " that he put together. This single contains two
speaker smashing instrumentals, not available anywhere else, on one piece of wax. The A-side supplied by Georgia Anne Muldrow b/w the AA-side which is a joint from Kev Brown. Both of these producers are living legends in their own right. This single is Limited to 300 (green vinyl) .
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