Spinnerty, Just Listen Pt.1 Feat. John Robinson (B Bravo Remix)  
Just Listen Pt.1 Feat. John Robinson (B Bravo Remix)
USA 7inch 
Label: Record Breakin
Release Year: 2010
Style: Downbeat & Nu-Jazz
  Just Listen Pt.1 Feat. John Robinson (B Bravo Remix)  
  Just Listen Pt.2 Feat. Jacqueline Marie (DJ Limbs Remix)  
  Picture this: a Midwestern kid getting shuttled around to soccer practice in the back seat of his parent's car listening to The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins - doesn't bring to mind a future jazz, soul, hip-hop head, now does it? But somehow, in the case of DJ Spinnerty, one musical vision led to the next. Spinnerty found his start playing regularly in jazz bands from middle school through to college. "I loved the music," Spinnerty says, "but sitting under fluorescent lights and playing tunes from sixty years ago seemed to be missing the point of the jazz movement historically. It didn't have that element of revolution and the smoky club."

The natural next steps for Spinnerty were to get into the varieties of current music that were derived from jazz and connect the dots to the originators of this inspired genre. Spinnerty began as a DJ in 1998 and quickly progressed to the art of turntablism, seeing it as a modern day extension of the improvisational techniques of jazz. Since then Spinnerty has been paying his dues grinding with countless dj residencies. He has left his imprint as a favorite selector and turntablist in the MidWest but has also made an impact on The Bay area.

In 2008 Record Breakin' Music released the highly sought after, limited edition 7" by Spinnerty with the underground hip hop track "Foundation Pt. 2 (ft. Replife) and the futuristic soul gem "Time to Cut (ft. Miles Bonny)".

This summer of 2010 RBM is excited to release Spinnerty's latest production, Just Listen Pt. 1 & 2. Like his first release with us Spinnerty has a wonderful balance of hip hop, soul and futuristic elements into this approach. "Just Listen Pt. 1" features the hard working, prolific emceeing talents of John Robinson aka Lil' Sci. On the B side, "Just Listen Pt. 2" introduces that melodic styling of newcomer Jacqueline Marie, with additional production from the gifted K15.

Oh but there is more! Once word got out about these tracks offers came in to remix the project and we finally narrowed it down to two of the strongest. B. Bravo's futuristic take on the boom bap vibe of Just Listen Pt. 1 turned into a sunning harmonious remix. Meanwhile, Dj Limbs put together a funk upbeat remix to Just Listen Pt. 2 that has already been a dancefloor banger!

"The Just Listen project leaves me feeling like a proud dad. Bringing together musical friends of mine to create a project bigger than the sum of its parts. Connecting the dots from San Francisco to Chicago to Philly to the UK and back again, the Just Listen record offers sounds spanning from classic boom bap to downtempo to future funk to dancefloor heat all wrapped together with feel good vibe and optimistic look on things to come. I hope you enjoy listening to this release as much as I enjoyed putting it together." - Spinnerty
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