Take, Levitations  
Label: Not On Label
Release Year: 2008
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1 Herbert Daviz - Smog Cut
2 Bullion - Lets Go Away
3 Computer Jay - CDR
4 Chateau Flight - In The Mix
5 Pudge- You Got Knocked
6 Yamasuki Singers - Yama
7 Black Monk- CDR ( Poobah)
8 J Dilla - In Yo Face
9 Tom Targo - Ale Jesuz
10 J Dilla - Off Ya Chest
11 Kraftwerk - Nummern
12 King Errisson - Say Goodbye
13 Rachel Sweet - Its So Different Here
14 The Moments - Sexy Mama
15 Toshi Kubota - Nothin But Your Love ( Jay Dee rmx)
16 Jan Hammer - Dont You Know
17 Misel Quitno - Pull It Out
18 Jobe - Couche
19 Katalyst/ Steve Spacek - How Bout Us
20 Aqeel - Figure It Out
21 Oliver Day Soul - Bump It
22 Ras G - The 40 Bus
23 Sa- Ra - Smokeless Highs
24 Take & Domu - Like A Drum
25 Afta - The Facts
26 00Genesis - No Shoes Trampoline
27 Flako - Inside
28 Harmonic 33 - Neon
29 Take - Sugar Flower
30 Black Spade- Actioneer
31 Black Monk - CDR
32 Flying Lotus - CDR
33 Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger
  Los Angeles future beat producer releases his first mix CD in... YEARS, anyway. 36 track mix eatures over an hour of incredible music from the ever growing scene of off kilter future hop producers worldwide.

Rooted in the Detroit swing of J Dilla, and the synthesizer manipulations of electronic music pioneers past. This mix demonstrates that this sound has in fact become a worldwide movement. Tracks from every corner of the globe.. with a few classics thrown in for good measure.

Full-on "manufactured" CD w/color packaging in full jewel case.
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  1. Larry June And The Alchemist
The Great Escape
  2. Lexx
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  3. The NM Band
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  4. The Producer's Workshop Ensemble
The Producer's Workshop Ensemble in Japan
  5. Domi Chansorn
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