Take AKA Sweatson Klank, Sweatons Trajectory  
Take AKA Sweatson Klank
Sweatons Trajectory
Label: Dublab
Release Year: 2009
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Wajeed- Tetris
Joker -Om Unit Pop Lock Mix
Onra - Dirty loop
Griffi - Kenyufilen
Art of Noise- Opus
Jorg Thomasius- Im balloon
Gang Gang Dance- Blue Nile
Ratatat- Imperials
Herb Geller- A la Space Mode
Terje Rypadal - Keep it likeThat
Aminadav Aloni- Fulfilment
Mort Garson-Music To Sooth the Savage Snake Plant
TV on the Radio- Hurt you
Enemy Earth- Slop
Dorian Concept- The Fuckin Formula
Asonic Garcia- Escape the Exploding Planet
Erik Satie - Affolements Gantiques
Gerhard Trede- Pictures of Science
Bobby Hutcherson - Goin Down South ( take edit )
Ursula Bogner- Proto
Embryo- Bad cats
Jk & Co. - Fly
Dave Sarkys- Canadian Colors
Leroy Hutson- Situations
Powell - All and All
Squeaky Lobsters- Flying Rupies’
Ras G- CDR
Debruit- Pointy
Joel Van Droogen Broeck- Genetic Manipulation
El Topo Sountrack
Frank Gartner- Eastern Promise
Spooky tooth- Waiting for the wind
Tucky Buzzard- Whiskey Eyes
Douglas Lucas- Niara
Praveen and Benoit- Embers
Grm Archives - Indicatif
Shuttle - tunnel
Rustie/Animal Collective - Jagz (Take edit)
14kt- Illustrious
Ende Shnea Filet- Twistin on the Tombstones
Elvin Jones- Agappe Love
Gerhard Trede- Sounds of Science 22
Cecil Wary & Alain Feanch- Mysteres Aux Bermudes
Knowl3dg3- Preservatives
Floating Points- Cdr
Architeq- Daytime
Flying Lotus- Amongman
Caural- Stalactite
School of Seven Bells- NOBODY rmx
Urzula Dudziak- Mosquito Dream
Human league- Toyota city
Nosaj Thing- Light #2
Dimlite- GO, A
Take- I miss my brains
  Los Angeles future beat producer releases another dope mix CD. This mix features over an hour of incredible music from the ever growing scene of off kilter future hop producers worldwide aka the wonky producers and a lot of old school, vintage electronic, psyche, weirdo jazz, avantgarde and other music.

Rooted in the Detroit swing of J Dilla, and the synthesizer manipulations of electronic music pioneers past. This mix demonstrates that this sound has in fact become a worldwide movement. Tracks from every corner of the globe.. with a few classics thrown in for good measure.
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Cosmic Analog Ensemble
Les Grandes Vacances
[Jakarta Records]
Danny Brown
[Warp Records]
Dizzee Rascal
Take It Personal
[Big Dirte3 Records ]
Earl Sweatshirt & Alchemist
Voir Dire
[Warner Bros.]
Fabiano Nascimento, Sam Gendel
The Room
[Real World Records]
Fred Locks
Black Star Liner
[17 North Parade]
Lewis Parker
Frequency of Perception (Instrumentals)
[KingUnderground ]
Mario Luciano & Lauren Santi
Shades Of Mauve
[Madlib Invazion]
Masta Ace & Marco Polo
Richmond Hill
[Fat Beats]
Penza Penza
Deep Dive / My Friend Ash
[FunkNight Records]
Penza Penza
[FunkNight Records]
Shrizz N Maze
Dope Frequency
[Orbitual Records]
Thandi Ntuli, Carlos Nino
Rainbow Revisited
[International Anthem]
The New Royales
[General Principle]
Eccentric Soul: the Shoestring Label
[Numero Group]
Afro Rock
[Be With Records]
Wiki & Tony Seltzer
14K Figaro
[Wikset Enterprise]
  1. Kay Zee
The Whole Shebang
  2. Earl Sweatshirt & Alchemist
Voir Dire
  3. Nu Genea
Nuova Napoli
  4. Joe Harrison
  5. Mario Luciano & Lauren Santi
Shades Of Mauve
  6. Nu Genea
Bar Mediterrano
  7. OG Keemo
  8. Roisin Murphy
Hit Parade
  9. VA
Tokyo Riddim 1976-1985
  10. While My Synthesizer Gently Bleeps