New DJ Format 45: Kool & The Gangstarr..  
Yep, kids, this funky piece of cut'n'paste brilliance is in stock and can be purchased at the store only - no online sales, sorry about that.
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  Humsters On The Wheels  
Sometimes we sell vinyl and sometimes we spin vinyl at various locations.
The humsters get busy at the following dates and locations:

1st of...
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  It's A Madlib Invasion  
Some weeks back we had a Madlib tribute night at a local club, playing a share of his bulk of production and word play. Selecting records for this...
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  Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans, Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans   Michel's Pick:
Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans
Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans
    JAP 1xLP   
  Finally a reissue of Ebo's rarest piece. Stunning Highlife / Afrobeat music. This will be sold out soon, limited copies available now.
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  Knxwledge, Hud Dreems   Oliver's Pick:
Hud Dreems
    USA 2xLP   
  we are patiently waiting on the project with Anderson Paak and while we are doing this, we are bumping this joint - good stuff!
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  Rodinia, Drumside / Dreamside   Oliver's Pick:
Drumside / Dreamside
    USA 1xLP 
  Drum machine synth Krautrock?
Hell yeah!
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  Express Rising, Fixed Rope   Michel's Pick:
Express Rising
Fixed Rope
    USA 1xLP 
  Express Rising is back! This time around in a full band outfit. But you won't be disappointed, it's still the sound that you know and love,...
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Black Cat
Lovin You
Danny Scrilla
Higher Plane
Diamond D
Dat's That Shit
[Dymond Mine]
DJ Format
Kool & The Gangstarr Generation
[De-Ja-Vu Music]
DJ Madd
Ebo Taylor / Pat Taylor / Henrik Schwarz
Ene Nyame ‘A’ Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Blend)
[Strut Records]
Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans
Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans
Guilty Simpson
Detroit's Son
[Stones Throw]
Grassroots - The Prologue (Deluxe Edition)
[BBE Records]
Jo Bisso
Dance To It
[Africa Seven]
Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos
[Truth & Soul]
Kiddus I
Rockers: Graduation In Zion 1978-1980
[Dub Store]
King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1
[Ninja Tune]
Massive Suits Quartet
Full Moon Wizard
[Ubiquity Recordings]
Michel Bagoe
Oule Colle
Niney The Observer
Sledge Hammer Dub
[Burning Sounds]
Noel Mc Ghie & Space Spies
Noel Mc Ghie & Space Spies
Owiny Sigoma Band
[Brownswood Recordings]
Page One
[Burning Sounds]
Musical Dub Attack
[Deeper Knowledge]
Drumside / Dreamside
[Now Again]
Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One)
The M & M Mixes (John Morales Remixes)
[Stones Throw]
Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One)
Tuxedo Remix EP
[Stones Throw]
Twilight meets Twilite Tone
Special High
[Ubiquity Recordings]
Hawaiianischer Schnee
[Jakarta Records]
Verbal Kent
[Mello Music Group]
Wiley & Zomby
Step 2001
[Big Dada]
  1. La Base & Tru Comers
… Jusqu'à La Mort
  2. Singers & Players
War Of Words
  3. Gigi Masin
  4. Knxwledge
Hud Dreems
  5. Owiny Sigoma Band
  6. Tapes
No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor
  7. Express Rising
Fixed Rope
  8. The Sorcerers
The Sorcerers
  9. These Eyes
Soca Hustle
  10. Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One)