Humsters On The Wheels  
Sometimes we sell vinyl and sometimes we spin vinyl at various locations.
The humsters get busy at the following dates and locations:

3rd of March 2018
Where: Dachstock Reithalle, Bern
Who: P.Neumann, Reezm
What: Raphistory Bern - The Prequel

9th of March 2018
Where: Exer, Zürich
Who: Reezm
What: Rap 'n' Soul

16th of March 2018
Where: Basement of Enfant Terrible
Who: Pistol Mike, Shotgun Reezm
What: The Funk

7th of April 2018
Where: Kraftfeld Winterthur
Who: J.Sayne, Reezm
What: A lot...

11th of May 2018
Where: Palace, St. Gallen
Who: Flohio & Ebow, P.Neumann & Reezm
What: Rap
  Basa Basa, Homowo   Michel's Pick:
Basa Basa
    NED 1xLP 
  oh so schön!
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  Berlin Lama, Ego   Michel's Pick:
Berlin Lama
    SUI 7inch   
  Heavy like a brick and swift like stray cat, our man Berlin Lama knows his craft. Ego is a beauty of a song with the bass at the forefront, making...
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Mystery Dub
[Second Circle ]
Euraf Yard Sound Große Systim
Giuseppe Leonardi
[Second Circle ]
Jonny Nash / Lindsay
Fauna Mapping
[Island Of The Gods]
Le Frère
Slow Glass
[Light Of Other Days]
Len Sander
The Future Of Lovers
[Mouthwatering Records]
Leston Paul
Let's Party Tonight
MJ Lallo
Star Child
[Seance Centre]
Solar Shield
[Austin Boogie Crew]
Suzanne Menzel
Goodbyes And Beginnings
Aufnahme Koch
Improvisational Loops
[Music From Memory]
Tornado Wallace
Lonely Planet - Remixes
[Running Back]
Dekmantel 10 Years 09
Wrong Planet
[Phantom Island]
Pei Bato Fou
[Rebirth On Wax]
  1. Elephant Chateau
  2. Basa Basa
  3. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 1
  4. Tha God Fahim
The Dark Shogunn Saga Vol. 2
  5. Elephant Chateau
Offshore Drilling
  6. Velly Joonas
Stopp, Seisku Aeg!
  7. Boncana Maiga
Koyma Hondo
  8. Carlton Jumel Smith & Cold Diamond & Mink
I Can't Love You Anymore
  9. Keysha
Stop It!
  10. Onra
Nobody Has To Know