Mogwaa, Translucent  
Label: Magnetic Paw
Release Year: 2023
Style: Downbeat & Nu-Jazz
  1. Lonesome Cha Cha 02:49
2. Mystical Affirmation 05:31
3. Fluid Joy 04:01
4. The New Green Song 04:53
5. Papaw 04:53
6. Glacial Eyes 04:37
7. Faded Hymn 03:17
8. Passes Passing 04:17
9.When The Shadow Shines 05:29
10. Take me up 04:21
  "Translucent" stands as the inaugural album of Mogwaa, released under his personally established label, Magnetic Paws. Comprising a total of 10 tracks, this album represents a departure from his previous creative process. Unlike his prior works, "Translucent" was meticulously crafted using only a 4-track cassette tape recorder, with Mogwaa personally performing all the instruments, except for the rhythm machine.

In an era characterized by the ease, convenience, and speed of computer-assisted music production, Mogwaa's choice to return to the vintage methods of yesteryears prompts a compelling question: why embrace the inconvenience of starting and finishing each track from scratch, enduring countless repetitions? His answer is as straightforward as it is profound – it is through this arduous journey that he endeavors to create something truly exceptional. Mogwaa dedicated countless hours seated before his instruments and cassette recorder, capturing the essence of beloved sounds found in classics, such as guitar, bass, Wurlitzer electric piano, Maestro Rhythm King, Roland CR-8000. With "Translucent," he encapsulates not just his artistic journey but also an invitation for listeners to partake in the same sentiments.
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