Julion De’Angelo & Specter , Tango/Drunken Noodles  
Julion De’Angelo & Specter
Tango/Drunken Noodles
Label: Visions
Release Year: 2023
  Visions Recordings is delighted to have Detroit’s Julion D’Angelo and Chicago’s SPECTER on the same record after years of trying to work together. These two Detroit masters of the deepness have released records on some of the best labels around, including Sound Signature, Tone Log, Freedom School , Tetrode , Sistrum and more.

You can imagine how happy we are to have such incredible music to be released on our label.

These two tracks are original deep music to dance to, but also to dive into and listen to all the details, the complex programming, and the search for unique sounds. It’s special and that’s why we love it and want to keep promoting it. Real music!

We fell in love with these tracks as soon as we heard them, and we hope you will too. Visions aims to maintain a high and varied standard, and once again we try to present you with quality and profoundness. enjoy the ride.
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