MC Solaar, Prose Combat  
MC Solaar
Prose Combat
Label: Polydor France
Release Year: 1994
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Aubade - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
2. Obsolete - MC Solaar, Jay, Jimmy
3. Nouveau Western - MC Solaar, Gainsbourg, Serge
4. La Claire Fontaine - MC Solaar, M'Barali, C
5. Superstarr - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
6. La Concubine de l'Hémoglobine - MC Solaar, M'Barali, C
7. Dévotion - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
8. Temps Mort - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
9. L' Nmiaccd'htck72kpop - MC Solaar, Menelik
10. Sequelles - MC Solaar, Barali, C.M
11. Dieu Ait Son ?me - MC Solaar, Barali, C.M
12. A Dix de Mes Disciples - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
13. La Fin Justifie Les Moyens - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
14. Relations Humaines - MC Solaar, MC Solaar
15. Prose Combat - MC Solaar, M'Barali, C
  french pressing of this classic MC Solaar album, containing his hit "Noveau Western" sampling Serge Gainsbourg. Dope album!

in top condition!
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