Ceschi, They Hate Francisco False  
They Hate Francisco False
Label: Mism
Release Year: 2021
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
1. Francisco False Theme (Guitar, bass, ukulele, synths, drums by Ceschi. Synths by Max Heath
2. All Of Us (Written and produced by Deadpan Darling)
3. Sleep (Written and produced by Deadpan Darling)
4. Frank Propose (Guitar, mandolin, bass, drums by Ceschi. Melodica, Synths and backup vocals by Max Heath)
5. Shame (Produced by Aloeight. Guitar by Dadalú)
6. Calluses (Produced by Malakai)

1. Optical Illusion (Guitar, mandolin and vocals by Ceschi)
2. Not Sure (feat. Penny) (Produced by Manix Depressive)
3. CT Dead (feat. Xololanxinxo) (Produced by Robert Koziura)
4. End Of Skies (feat. iCON the Mic King, David Ramos and Shoshin)
5. Dripping (Guitar and vocals by Ceschi. Bass by Andrew Kitakis and drums by Jake Flynn, botgh of George and the Duck Shaker)
6. Sweetest Friend (Produced by Ceschi)
7. Francis Display (Guitar and vocals by Ceschi)
  For the first time in 15 years, Fake Four Inc. and Mism Records are offering the classic album "They Hate Francisco False" by Ceschi on beautifully packaged vinyl including remastered versions plus a poster with lyrics.

Some words from Ceschi: "in 2006 “they hate francisco false” was released by my friends at dayton, ohio’s net31 records - a short lived off shoot of beyond space entertainment that had released my first solo album, fake flowers two years earlier. we had a strict deadline on the manufacturing of this cd because i wanted copies sent to hawaii for a series of shows with k records artist little wings. hawaii was an early hub for my music, people there traded by songs via tape, cdr & mp3 even before i ever had an album. through the help of phil elverum (the microphones) i was able to invite little wings to perform some shows with our band anonymous inc in oahu. as a procrastinator and over-thinker, i think it’s probably best that this album was hurried - or else it may have never been finished. tony from net31 pushed me to get this done - and the cds just barely arrived in time for our mini tour. kyle from little wings & i have been good friends ever since.
looking back, this record represents a breakthrough moment of coming into my own style, finding my voice & defining what “ceschi” music meant..."
(continued in the liner notes included with the physical vinyl)
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