Piry Reis, Piry Reis  
Piry Reis
Piry Reis
EUR 2x7inch 
Label: New Dawn
Release Year: 2021
Style: Latin & Brasil & Afro
  Heroi Moderno

Cisplatina (7 inch version)

Reza Brava

Céu De Manágua
  Out this week on Rush Hour subsidiary New Dawn: a straight up reissue of Piry Reis’s beautiful 1975 seven inch release ‘Heroi Moderno’/‘Cisplatina’, which has been on many Brazilian music enthusiasts wantlists for a number of years now.

‘Heroi Moderno’ is a classic cut that was featured on the Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas compilation (2010) by Joel Oliveira Stones, so we knew about this one, but the b-side is a serious gem too. It’s another version of ‘Cisplatina’ we learned about via Brazilian music connaisseurs Yusuke Erikawa & Tadatomo Ohshima from Tokyo. This beauty is for everyone who enjoys the music of Arthur Verocai and Hareton Salvanini, to name just a few.

This double vinyl set also features another 7” that includes the cuts ‘Reza Brava’ and ‘Céu De Manágua’. Both have been longtime Rush Hour favorites, so we couldn’t let the opportunity go by to include these as well.

The whole project came together with the blessing of Piry Reis himself and we hope his music will enrich your life a bit like it did ours. Artwork comes courtesy of Amsterdam’s Sekan & Megin Hayden. Make sure to also follow the link in bio for an exclusive in-depth interview with the Brazilian maestro. (Antal)


Brazilian music at it's finest! 2x7" set of four beautiful Piry Reis recordings from the 70s and 80s.

Disc one is a reissue of his 1975 single on Som Livre, 'Heroi Moderno', which features the highly sought after 7inch version of 'Cisplatina' on the flip. The second disc holds the rare cuts 'Reza Brava' (1970) & 'Céu De Manágua' (1984).

The project came together with the blessing of Piry Reis himself, and is released on the sub-label of Rush Hour recordings, New Dawn. Artwork by Amsterdam's Sekan with a touch by Megin Hayden.

New Dawn, set up for less electronic but equally adventurous releases by artists we love.
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