Bluestaeb, GISEKE  
Label: Jakarta Records
Release Year: 2021
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. WHOA WAIT (feat. Ric Wilson & cay caleb.)
4. TTWL (feat. Uno Hype & Jerome Thomas)
5. MOVIN' (feat. Mick Jenkins & Aréna)
6. GRANTED INTERLUDE (feat. Aspene & Leon Raum)
7. THE ROSES (feat. Louis VI)
8. THAT'S OK (feat. Phabo & S. Fidelity)
10. YOU DO (feat. NDO)
11. INNER G (feat. JuJu Rogers & K,Le Maestro)
12. PHANTOM PAIN (feat. Lance Jackson)
14. THE VIEW (feat. Miles Singleton)
  Multi-disciplinary artist Leon Giseke - known to the international hip-hop and beat scene as Bluestaeb - releases the project of a lifetime with self-titled album “GISEKE”.

After the success of his last releases “Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity present Underground Canopy” (2020) and the collaborative “SHE” (2019) with Harleighblu that combined gained more than four million streams on Spotify alone, Bluestaeb finally returns with his self-titled album “GISEKE”, making it his fourth one to be released via Jakarta Records on July 23rd.

While musically this new album merges iconic R&B, funk and hip-hop productions with sharp lyrical contributions by some of 2021’s most promising vocalists, such as Mick Jenkins, Ric Wilson, Uno Hype, Jerome Thomas or JuJu Rogers it will be a worthy follow up to his previous Jarkarta releases, which have gained more than 20M streams and sold mor than 5k copies to this day.

The 1st single “WHOA WAIT” (feat. Ric Wilson & cay caleb.) is set out to be released on May 12 along with some stunning visuals by Bluestaeb himself. The upbeat collaboration convinces with a playful disco vibe that let´s the listener long for the summer. The song is featured by and got picked up by Apple Music’s Jazz Soul Café.
The forthcoming singles TTWL/TIBBE & THAT´S OKAY are set to be released on 02.06.2021 and 23.06.2021, respectively with “MOVIN” to be published as the last single on July 7th, 2021 all singles are set off cycle to gain more attention. The album’s focustrack “THE ROSES” however comes with a full length music video shot in Paris and features UK’s shooting star Louis VI on the vocals.

Giseke developed all visual concepts, which accompany the project, too: The artworks and videos breathe his passion for the socio-utopian ideas of mid 20th century architecture and design from the likes of Perriand, Aalto and Eames. Furthermore, contemporary fine art found its way onto the cover through the painting by Minneapolis-based artist Nick Dahlen.
And while most protagonists of Europe’s hip-hop beat making scene are driven by the commercial rise of lo- hip-hop, Bluestaeb deliberately wants to emancipate himself from this bias towards the streaming market and elevator music playlists. „Music with a nutritional value“, to quote great trumpeter Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, is what he aimed and aims for at all stages of his career.
Accordingly “GISEKE” brings all of the artist’s knowledge, skill and ambition in music and beyond on the table: Various (pop) cultural fascinations, in music and beyond, are referenced on the album .. from Steve Winwood’s synthesized soul-pop to the prolific R&B and funk of the late 70s and early 80s, from Teddy Riley’s new jack swing to today’s neo soul induced hip-hop in Los Angeles and London and all aspects of this album reflect the unification of pseudonymous Bluestaeb and private person Leon Giseke as one.
Besides online promotion the album will further be promoted by external agencies within the territories of UK, France and Italy.
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