Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker, Hooker 'N' Heat  
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker
Hooker 'N' Heat
Label: Emi America
Release Year: 1971
Style: Pop & Rock
Condition Vinyl: Very Good
Condition Cover: Very Good
  A1 Messin' With The Hook 2:17
A2 The Feelin' Is Gone 4:31
A3 Send Me Your Pillow 3:39
A4 Sittin' Here Thinking 4:11
A5 Meet Me In The Bottom 3:34
B1 Alimonia Blues 4:28
B2 Drifter 4:39
B3 You Talk Too Much 3:08
B4 Burning Hell 3:55
B5 Bottle Up And Go 2:20
C1 The World Today 7:22
C2 I Got My Eyes On You 4:21
C3 Whiskey And Wimmen 4:33
C4 Just You And Me 7:37
D1 Let's Make It 4:04
D2 Peavine 5:00
D3 Boogie Cillen No. 2 11:35
  Later pressing.  
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