Kalabrese & KAYYAK, Make No Time / Painting Of Relaxation  
Kalabrese & KAYYAK
Make No Time / Painting Of Relaxation
SUI 12inch 
Label: Rumpelmusig
Release Year: 2017
  Make No Time / Painting Of Relaxation  
  side a: „Make No Time” (10:16)
side b: „Painting Of Relaxation” (15:25)
  KAYYAK is part of the Hekaya Collective, based in Zurich. They started organizing parties at Club Zukunft, the Homebase of Kalabrese. Kalabrese became friend and mentor and started supporting the young talent Kayyak. And when he came up with two funky song-scetches Kalabrese was thrilled and the collaboration started. The A-Side „Make No Time“ has a strong afro-like guitar theme and a driven melodic bassline on top the famous rumpel-groove. A positive happy ride. On the B-Side the duo gets deeper and create a fantastic late night jam. The duo sings „Loose your fear and find your partner, make your way to relaxation“ while the groove gets more and more hypnotic, Kalabrese sits on the drums and finds a way of relaxation without losing the focus on the steady beat.  
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