Galt MacDermot, Shapes Of Rhythm  
Galt MacDermot
Shapes Of Rhythm
Label: Kilmarnock
Release Year: 1966
Style: Funk & Soul
  A1 Lady, You Look Good To Me 3:00
A2 Farmland 2:53
A3 Coffee Cold 3:22
A4 Marsh Gas 2:20
A5 If Our Love Is Real 2:58
A6 The Mouse Roared 2:22
B1 Tender Meeting 2:39
B2 M'Babam 1:55
B3 Field Of Sorrow 3:55
B4 Alive In Dar-Es-Salaam 2:15
B5 Spanish Nights 2:23
B6 I'm Through WIth You 2:30
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