The Breaking News , The Breaking News  
The Breaking News
The Breaking News
Label: Marmet
Release Year: 2020
Style: Funk & Soul
  1.Vitamin C 03:53
2.The Sun Is Shining 04:09 video
3.Staring At The Ceiling 03:38
4.If I Could Only Be Sure 03:12
5.Get Thy Bearings (feat. Chico Freeman) 03:16
6.Aht Uh Me Hed 03:27 video
7.Groovin' With Jesus 02:46
8.Schreib Es Mir In Den Sand 04:57
9.L'Unica Chance 04:17
  Crate Diggin' nerds Ilarius and 153rd Soul teamed up with some of their favorite musicians. The band around Mathias Schenk (Death by Chocolate, Matchenko),Michel Spahr, Ueli Kempter and Sevi Graf knew exactly what they were doing and killed the song selection of the two DJs with great cover versions in the esthetics of the vinyl collecting community. An album dedicated to the crate diggers and the obscure break hunters out there. Old breaks, new style. That's The Breaking News.  
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