Testiculo Y Uno (Twit One & Hulk Hodn), Two  
Testiculo Y Uno (Twit One & Hulk Hodn)
Label: Melting Pot
Release Year: 2020
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Side One (prod. by Twit One)
1. TyUYntro
2. Everyonesaysho
3. Lennox Schnabel
4. Easy Peeler
5. Braune Autos
6. One For Frau Hamacher
7. Wasabi Terraces
8. Alone w/u
9. Molly Street Scene
10. Larry Wah Nam
Side Two (prod. by Hulk Hodn)
1. Fokan
2. Tessel
3. Westcoastin‘
4. Nacada Drive
5. Rotor Skate
6. Gohead
7. Hit The AA
8. Kein Front
9. Künstlerzigarette
10. Ynterlude
11. Zeytin
12. Off Minor
  Testiculo Y Uno are Hulk Hodn and Twit One, two producers from Cologne, Germany.
In 2009 they produced the first volume of the ground-breaking Hi-Hat Club series that
kicked off the careers of beatmakers like Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra.
10 years later Hulk Hodn and Twit One have recorded a second
Testiculo Y Uno album called “Two”.
The LP comes in a special punch-cover with printed inner sleeve.
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