Rip Rig + Panic, I Am Cold  
Rip Rig + Panic
I Am Cold
Label: Virgin
Release Year: 1988
Style: Jazz & Blues
Condition Vinyl: Excellent
Condition Cover: Excellent
  North Side
A1 Hunger (The Ocean Roars It Bites) 3:00
A2 Epi Epi Arp Woosh! 4:00
A3 Another Tampon Up The Arse Of Humanity 4:00
A4 Misa Luba Lone Wolf 3:00
East Side
B1 Storm The Reality Asylum 4:00
B2 Here Gathers Nameless Energy (Volcanoes Covered By Snow) 4:20
B3 A Dog's Secret 1:30
B4 Liars Shape Up Or Ship Out 2:00
South Side
C1 Warm To The 'If' In Life 4:30
C2 Nurse Increase The Sedatives (The Torment's No Better) 4:15
C3 Take A Don Key To Mystery 4:00
West Side
D1 Tax Sex 5:00
D2 Subversive Wisdom 5:00
D3 Fire Eyes Joyful Silent Tears 4:10
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