Da Buze Bruvaz, Prezent: Him Lo - Prince Akeem Jewels  
Da Buze Bruvaz
Prezent: Him Lo - Prince Akeem Jewels
Label: Grilchy Party
Release Year: 2019
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Crown Prince
Rose Petal Bearerz
Da Yachtsman
Wu Lo
Shotgun robberiez in McDowells
Light Skin Lisa (On a String) ft. Natalia
AirMax 95
Royal Bath
Soul Glo
Snow Beach ft. Clever 1
  Him Lo strikes once again with another incrediblealbum titled "PRINCE AKEEM JEWELZ" as afollow-up to his first solo EP, "OJ GLOVEZ" whichproduced by the incomparable Giallo Point.This timehe returns on a mission to prove to both listeners anddoubters that not only can he put together a classicalbum as a solo emcee but also an exceptionalproducer.This entire play list of 12 jewelz are put together byHim Lo himself as part of a mission to establishhimself as a respected producer all in his own right.He has produced on every Buze Bruvaz album thusfar and wanted to expand to a full LP for himself. Thisalbum is also very limited with guest appearancesfeaturing Clever 1 and Natalia. Those following alongalready know what type of madness to expect so,Crack open a cold one and enjoy!  
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  3. Knxwledge
  4. Elcamino
Elcamino 2
  5. Wildflower
Season 2
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