Currensy & Harry Fraud, Cigarette Boats  
Currensy & Harry Fraud
Cigarette Boats
Release Year: 2018
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
A1. Leaving The Dock
A2. WHO (feat. Styles P)
A3. Biscayne Bay
A4. Mirrors (feat. Smoke DZA)
A5. Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet
SIDE B: Instrumentals
  Originally released on July 9th, 2012, only
via Soundcloud, Cigarette Boats is NOW
available on wax! When Curren$y (aka
Spitta Andretti) & Harry Fraud collab, they
create classics, something which is most
definitely evidenced on ‘Cigarette Boats’.
The merger of Harry’s signature
production and Spitta’s deadly flow show
why XXL Magazine named it the "2012
EP of the Year." The duo decided it was
time to make Cigarette Boats available in
all formats, releasing the instrumentals
exclusively on vinyl.
Fraud recalled his audition for Curren$y,
after meeting him while working on a
Smoke DZA project: "I had met Curren$y
briefly for one second at a radio station,
but that was the first time we really kicked
it. He just asked me to play some beats,
and I played like five beats, and he was
just like, 'Yo, I need all of those. We gotta
do a little EP with those.'” Those same
five beats became the entire sound bed
for the ‘Cigarette Boats’.
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