Ozay Moore, In The Wake Of O  
Ozay Moore
In The Wake Of O
Label: Illect
Release Year: 2018
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Thumb Drive
2. Good
3. Where You At (feat. James Gardin & Jahshua Smith)
4. Slow Motion with Mosely
5. WSTCST (feat. Tony Ozier & Teeko)
6. Crowd React by Lightheaded (Ozay Moore, Ohmega Watts & Braille)
7. Abracadabra (feat. Cataphant)
8. Wow... (feat. Propaganda)
9. Low Tide
10. L.T.D. (feat. Sareem Poems)
11. Transparent See (feat. Ricky Valenz)
  Over the last 20 years, Ozay Moore (fka Othello) has proven himself to be
an exceptional storyteller time and time again. Whether as a member of
the classic hip hop trio, Lightheaded, or as a solo artist, Moore’s alto flow
has always moved crowds. Aided by some of the most soulful production
and a deep knowledge of hip hop culture, Moore’s music is highly
relatable because he blends personal experience with larger themes that
cross cultural lines. Moore has been making records for quite some time
so it would be understandable if he didn’t have more to say.
Thankfully, Ozay Moore is back and better than ever with
In The Wake
of O.
Throughout his life Moore has seen a lot, done a lot, and
Wake is a reflection of his journey in and outside of being an MC. Moore is no
longer a young, ambitious rapper from Seattle focused solely on writing
rhymes and traveling the world. Instead, he’s a family man in Lansing, MI
having to strike a balance between his artistic goals and what’s best for
his wife and two kids. How do you strike that balance? This is one of the
central questions driving the record.
As the album unfolds, Moore grapples with the decision to drop the
Othello moniker, his faith, racial politics in the U.S. and the impact of
hip hop on his life. The word “wake” can mean many things, and
In the
Wake of O
takes into account every single one. With an exceptional set of
producers including Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy, Ess Be, Freddie Joachim
and Ohmega Watts, Wake is a seamless blend of boom bap crunch and
soulful grooves. With guest appearances by Braille, Sareem Poems,
Jahshua Smith, James Gardin and Propaganda the wordplay is as on
point as it is thought provoking.
In The Wake of O
is a reminder of why hip hop is such a
powerful mode of communication. It also speaks to Ozay Moore’s deep
love and respect for hip hop culture. As Wake plays from start to finish,
Moore beautifully speaks on his personal journey while also making
space for listeners to reflect on their own lives. There is something for
everyone on this record.
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