Baatin, Don't Stop  
Don't Stop
USA 7inch 
Label: Loveturl
Release Year: 2018
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Don't Stop  
  Don't Stop (Remix)  
  While lifting his head up from the process of writing, finding producers
and recording for his Magnum Opus, Baatin “The Slum Lord”, a former
member of Slum Village, left this plane of existence. Most would agree
that he was true to his nature and never a dull moment. Well, keeping
with tradition, a decade or so after his ascension, the hidden gem is
finally revealed.
“Don’t Stop” is the first 7 inch single release available via LOVETURL/
FATBEATS from the full length recording “Uno Zero”. The single features
production from Detroit’s own Darnell Murphy and a remix from the dirt
sonic scientist Dakim that will have you feeling caught in the vacuum of a
black hole...on loop. Known for his way with language and words, “Don’t
Stop” are 2 hard quotable Slum Lord verses that hit a little too close to
home at times...”Still optimistic in a Phantom/Pullin over to let u throw up
before you panic” or “We back from the future/you use to the style the
we missed”.
Big respect to the Titus Glover Estate and Hugh Whitaker for the
teamwork on this one. LOVETURL is ultra proud to present: “Don’t Stop”
from Baatin The Slum Lord
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