Tribe Frowst, Tribe Frowst  
Tribe Frowst
Tribe Frowst
Label: Prefermusic
Release Year: 2017
Style: Jazz & Blues
  A1 Learn
A2 Sybarite
A3 Sun & Earth
A4 Coulee
A5 Pt De Miel
B1 Laquais
B2 Dürres Land
B3 Rosor
B4 M.E.R.
B5 Soft Caps
B6 Adler
B7 Syje
  Close your eyes.
The beat of a drum.
A dancing bass.
There, a charmer of snakes and wild beasts.
Shivering camel drivers moving from a sand dune to a snow dune.
Colourful fabrics and magical canvas.
Possessed dancers and fantastic singers.
Ancestral storyteller and fortune-teller.
Blind children and fallen angels.

A trail of blue smoke by the side of a fire of wood and straw. A melody takes you by the hand. The euphoria warms your body. The soul, chasing a whispered or hit sound, weeping believing it’s been forgotten. But picked up, collected, comforted, nourished and blooming again. Lifting its heavy skirt, leading us into a mellow dance with hints of mirages, forgotten memories, buried like treasures. Then, dug up, cleaned of sand and dirt, these moments resurface brought back into the light by a dreamlike tribe, ready to be brandished like re-sewn rags.
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