Finale & Fel Sweetenberg, Two Kings  
Finale & Fel Sweetenberg
Two Kings
Label: Efficienz
Release Year: 2017
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
A1 Sirens (cuts by DJ Djaz)
A2 Kingsmen
A3 Symphony Music (cuts by DJ Djaz)
A4 The Keep
A5 Tearz (Interlude)
A6 Tearz

B1 One Light (cuts by DJ Djaz)
B2 Moon And Back
B3 Six Stringed Puppets
B4 Spoils of War (cuts by DJ Djaz)
B5 Woke Up, One Day
  Distant from one another by 600 miles, Detroit and Camden share the infamous honor of being prominent cities in the ranking of the American nightmare. Laminated by economic ruin, devoured by crime, poisoned by drugs, the two cities have, like New York at its worst, generated talents as gifted in microphone mastery as in sampling, as dangerous in rhyming as in production. Finale and Fel Sweetenberg are two direct emanations of these metropolises of chaos, now connected by Effiscienz. Because it is to the Parisian label that we owe this alliance.

LP is limited to 500 copies, transparent gold splatter.
Far from a mere agreement where everyone would stay on their assets in a pact of non-aggression, the two MCs have pooled their respective territories to constitute a Hip Hop kingdom that they would govern together. Showing no mercy to the weak.
A dark kingdom, erected from rubble, an arid production clashed with unstructured loops, some of which, though already used, are like reborn from their ashes in a climate of dull violence. Jazz, soul, classical, gospel, lyrical grandeur, in an atmosphere of conquest or on a minimalist piano coming straight out of a thriller, the pair of rhyme-makers compete with any instrument, Finale temperating by a laid and reflective flow the fiery fangs Fel sinks on every bar.
This kingdom, Fel & Finale, will have built it alone, Fel Sweetenberg taking charge of all the beats delivered to the duo's screened pages in ink, the door ajar only to let Dj Djaz introduce his turntable's tonearm to scarify the groove with his unique cuts.
Balancing the forces, bringing their ambition beyond the ill-famed streets that have already crowned them, Finale & Fel Sweetenberg raise the matt colors of a demanding rap, the radiance of their banner now beyond the limits of a Detroit-Camden axis.
Two kings, two crowns. A reign: that of hip hop.
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