Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore, Ku Klux Glam  
Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
Ku Klux Glam
Label: Stroll On
Release Year: 2017
Style: Pop & Rock
  A1 Desperation Passion
A2 Dutch Me
A3 Come My Way
A4 I Love To Meet People I Hate To Know Them
A5 Desperation Passion
A6 P
A7 Cherrybaby Comeout2night
A8 Lofi No Cry
A9 Fadermasturbator
A10 Jacuzzi Spa
A11 Hauntedgraffridgerator
A12 Mg82cx
A13 Barbacutiekluxclam (Pt 1)
A14 Carmen Come On
A15 Doldreams
A16 Spring Break Lucky Streak
B1 No Zipper
B2 Decision
B3 Organ Trumpet Tower
B4 Whunt12for3
B5 Pull
B6 Haunted Graffridgerator
B7 Nu Wav
B8 Nostradamus
B9 Breakfast Burrito Deluxe
B10 Horne Of Plenty
B11 Sacred Snow
B12 Barbacutiekluxclam (Pt 2)
B13 Closing Credits
  "Psych-pop masterpiece from two of the best to ever do it. Los Angeles native and weirdo-pop enthusiast Ariel Pink joins forces with lo-fi pop pioneer R. Stevie Moore in a crazy freak-out extravaganza". Back in 2012, two leaders of the modern psych scene colluded together in making a 60+ track album. Here, we have the definitive collection of songs from 'Ku Klux Glam'. Re-mastered and compiled by R. Stevie Moore, this is a presentation of this record in it's clearest form.  
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