V/A, Ouverture  
Label: Oro Negro
Release Year: 2017
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1.Brous One - Remezda

2.Corpus Delicti & Francois Boulanger - CundF

3.Funky Notes - Don't You Cry

4.KOTSA - Step 2

5.Chang Kee Jazz - Solid State 88

6.Matiah Chinaski & DjPere - La inspiration vive en el huerto (Prod. Criminal S.A)

7.Meister Lampe - Sweet Maiden

8.Twerking Class Heroes - El Son

9.Luke Le Loup - UZZR

10.Dave Sparkz - Purple Moon

11.UNDA - Always
  Ouverture is a compilation by Oro Negro - artists and artists, which have been a guest of events by Oro Negro in Basel, Switzerland. All of them have one thing in common: We think that they make dope music and are great people in person, as well. Some of them you've might heard already, others not. We would be flattered, if you give them a listen and support the young Oro Negro Label by buying the compilation either on vinyl or as a download!

We all have our roots in hiphop, and express our taste for related genres like downtempo and house as well. Stay tuned for a variety of Oro Negro releases in the future!
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