Akis, Space, Time, and Beyond (selected works 1986 - 2016)  
Space, Time, and Beyond (selected works 1986 - 2016)
Label: Into The Light
Release Year: 2017
Style: Pop & Rock
  1. Biofields (Feat. D. Spaneas)
2. Future Song
3. New Age Rising (Part I)(Part I)
4. The Powers Of Pi
5. Erotica
6. At Sirius
7. Solar Rain
8. Christmas
9. Space, Time And Beyond
10. Into The Light
11. Ecological Awareness
12. Violet
13. Crystal Forest
14. New Age Rising (Part Viii)
15. Beach Ambience
16. Venus
17. My Haunting Sins
  Into the Light brings out a splendid assemblage of 17 tracks of mostly previously unheard material by Athens based composer Akis Daoutis (Akis) most of them recorded in his hometown and in USA where he was studying in the mid-eighties.  
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