Heltah Skeltah, Midnight Madness  
Heltah Skeltah
Midnight Madness
USA 7inch 
Label: Coalmine Records
limited edition
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Midnight Madness  
  Midnight Madness (M-Phazes Remix)  
  To celebrate this year’s Record Store Day/Black Friday, Coalmine
Records is pleased to release a special-edition 7-inch version of
Heltah Skeltah’s previously digital-only slapper, “Midnight Madness,”
featuring DJ Revolution.
As fans of the duo already know, the circa-2009 track is pure flames,
and brimming with hilarious bad-guy lyricism from Ruck (aka the late
Sean Price), and his partner in rhyme, Rock. The two absolutely let
loose over Shuko’s funky instrumental, as Ruck drops concrete flows
while Rock communicates with animals.
And that’s just the A-Side. On the B-Side, you’ll find the haunting
remix produced by the Grammy-winning, M-Phazes. Fans of his work
may recognize this joint from Coalmine’s 2012 remix compilation,
‘Phazed Out.’
The record itself will be sold in a plain 45 sleeve, but the donut
contains the work of acclaimed designer, Joe Buck, who embraced
the 1980 released cult movie of the same title, which also serves
as the track’s theme. On each side, you’ll find references and
illustrations central to both the film, and the track, from the sketch
of Leon the Game Master on Side-A, to M-Phazes ‘Good Gracious’
tagline on Side-B.
Both tracks are now available for stream and download, while the
limited-edition 45 will be available as a RSD/Black Friday exclusive,
via Coalmine Records. Let the madness begin…again.
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