Madlib, Medicine Show - The Brick (13LP Box)  
Medicine Show - The Brick (13LP Box)
USA Box 
Label: Madlib Invazion
limited edition
Release Year: 2016
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  A1Arraignment (Intro)
A2Ode to the Ghetto (OJ Simpson Remix)
A3Yikes (OJ Simpson Remix)
B1Lucky Guy
B2Pigs (OJ Simpson Remix)
B3Life Goes By
B4Get Bitches (OJ Simpson Remix)
C1The Exclusive featuring MED
C2Robbery (OJ Simpson Remix)
C3Kill' Em (OJ Simpson Remix)
C4The Paper
C5I Must Love You (OJ Simpson Remix)
D1Looking For Trouble
D2Young Guns featuring J Dilla
D3My Moment (OJ Simpson Remix)
D4American Dream & Future (OJ Simpson Remix)
E2The Frontline (Liberation)
E3Raw Introduction To Afreaka
E4Africa Voodoo Queen (Drama)
E5Jungle Soundz (Part One)
E6The Struggle To United (One Africa)
E8E Ndless Cold (lovelost)
E9Chant 2
E10Afrosound Panorama
F1Hunting Theme
F3Afritonic Pt.1
F4Afritonic Pt.2
F6Spearthrow For Oh No
F7Teargas And Bullets For Freedom
F8Heritage Sip
F9Land Of The Drum
F10Red, Black And Green Showcase
F13Warrior´s Theme
G2African Map Watch
G3Street Hustler
G5Chant 3
G6The Show (Inner View)
G7Brothers And Sisters
G8Freedom Play
G9African Bounce
G10Umi (Life)
G11Natural Sound Waves
G12Jungle Soundz (Part Two)
G13Mighty Force
G14Unika (Outro)
H1Warning (Intro)
H2Static Invazion
H4Rapper X Radio
H5Last Day's Music
H6Episode Vi
H7Nothing From Nothing
H8Episode Viii
H9Episode Ix
H10Episode X
H11Episode Xi
I1Episode Xii
I2Episode Xiii
I3Episode Xiv
I4Episode Xv
I5Episode Xvi
I6Episode Xvii
I7Episode Xviii
I8Episode Xix
I9Episode Xx
I10Further Adventures Of Walkman Flavor
I11Episode Xxii
I12Episode Xxiii
I13Episode Xxiv
I14Episode Xxv
J1Episode Xxvi
J2Episode Xxvii
J3Live From Outer Space
J4Real Days
J5Cdp Assassins (Part 1)
J6Cdp Assassins (Part 2 & 3)
J7Cdp Assassins (Part 4)
J8Cdp Assassins (Part 5)
J9Cdp Assassins (Part 6)
K1The Jackson Conti Band - Steppin Into Tomorrow (Prelude)
K2Generation Match - Electronic Dimensions
K3Jahari Massamba Unit - Pretty Eyes
K4The Kenny Cook Octet - High Jazz
L1Yesterdays New Quintet - Medley :don't You Worry About A Thing (Live At Spear For Moondog)
M1Jahari Massamba Unit - Falling (From The Movie
M2Yesterday's New Quintet - Runnin' Fast (On The Run) ( From The Movie
M3Sound Directions - Shady Cops (Main Title Theme, 2005)
M4Eddie Prince Fusion Band, The - The Struggle Is Over/Next Chapter (From The Movie
N1O.D. - Wasted (Theme Variations) (From The Movie
O1Nittyville (The Landing)
O2So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
O4Smoke Theme For Dankery Harv (Interlude)
O5Jus Follow
P1The Excuse (Bar Scene) (Co-Starring The Professionals)
P3Legalize It (Interlude)
P4Sunday Sinema
Q1What Can U Tell Me (Co-Starring Med)
Q2The Truth (Interlude)
Q3Red Light Green
Q4Go There
Q5Set It Off
R1Sounds Of The Studio Prelude
R2Hold Up
R3Handmade Hustle (Inst)
R4Start Sumthin 93033 feat Roc C
R5Thoughts Of An Old Flame feat Guilty Simpson
R6Minze (Come Closer)
R7Louder - Blast Your Radio Theme
S1The Ride (Nightcoastin Inst)
S2Og Part 1 feat Ag (Whirlwind Mix)
S3Og Part 2 feat Oh No (Underwater Mix)
S4Stageridin feat Frank Nitty (First Demo Double Image Mix)
S5Love/hate (Inst)
S6Loose Girl feat Strong Arm Steady (Electric Drunk Demon Version)
T1Smoke Break- Whodat?
T2Interview 4080 feat Supreme Team
T3Embyro Thought (Inst)
T4The Adventures Of Soul Bra And Docta Dick'em Parts 1 & 2
T5Cheaters Episode 3 feat Poke Faet Med
U1Interliberation (Interlude)
U2Mic Check - Smoke Break Ii
U3Real Talk
U4The Sound Of Champions (Inst)
U5Charlie Hustle feat Strong Arm Steady
U6Girls - Prelude
U8Snakes 101 feat Med
U9Girls feat J Rocc
U10Uh -outro feat J Rocc
V1Track 1
V2Track 2
V3Track 3
V4Track 4
V5Track 5
V6Track 6
V7Track 7
V8Track 8
V9Track 9
V10Track 10
V11Track 11
W1Track 12
W2Track 13
W3Track 14
W4Track 15
W5Track 16
W6Track 17
W7Track 18
W8Track 19
W9Track 20
W10Track 21
  LIMITED EDITION! Madlib Medicine Show is a series of album and mixtape releases by Madlib. This is the first time the Madlib Medicine Show “Brick” box set has been released on vinyl. The Brick contains seven albums with thirteen LPs, all of the originally-produced material by Madlib in the series:
1. Madlib Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict. 2/LP Hip-hop Album feat. Guilty Simpson. Full-length, 17-tracks, combining new material and remixes.
2. Madlib Medicine Show #3: Beat Konducta in Africa. 2/LP Hip-hop Album. Inspired by and based on African records of the early 1970s – obscure & independent vinyl gems from afro-beat, funk, psych-rock, garage-rock & soul movements from Africa.
3. Madlib Medicine Show #5: History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000. 2/LP Hip-Hop Album. Madlib’s early years, 1990-2000, from beat cassettes produced for local rap crew Crate Digga’s Palace.
4. Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz. 2/LP Jazz Album. All new Madlib productions from his collective of jazz groups and musicians known as Yesterdays Universe.
5. Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville. 2/LP Hip-Hop Album feat. Frank Nitt. Loosely-based concept album around an obscure TV show, Nittyville, running on Channel 85. Full-length, 14 tracks.
6. Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi. 2/LP Hip-Hop Album. Dirty Demos produced by Madlib, with The Professionals (Madlib+Oh No), MED, Strong Arm Steady, AG, Guilty Simpson, J. Rocc, Supreme Team (Madlib+Karriem Riggins), and Jaylib.
7. Madlib Medicine Show #12 & 13: Filthy Ass Remixes. 1/LP Hip-Hop Remixes. Part mixtape, part beat tape, featuring a host of un-suspecting collaborators that run the gamut from thugs, street poets, star emcees and underdogs. These are select tracks from Vol. 12 and 13 of the Medicine Show CD edition.
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DJ Muggs & Dean Hurley
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Down And Up EP
Fabiano Do Nascimento
Mundo Solo
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Froid Dub
Synch Unity
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Heard and Unheard
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JJ Whitefield And Igor Zhukovsky
Two Tales For The Mind Vol. 2
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Julion De’Angelo & Specter
Tango/Drunken Noodles
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Les Chakachas
Discoteca Sudamericana
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Spiritual Jazz 14: Private
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[Be With Records]
  1. Larry June And The Alchemist
The Great Escape
  2. Lexx
Home Away From Home
  3. The NM Band
She Wants
  4. The Producer's Workshop Ensemble
The Producer's Workshop Ensemble in Japan
  5. Domi Chansorn
Strawberry Moon
  6. Jamma-Dee
  7. Mndsgn
  8. Ronald Langestraat
  9. Aesop Rock
Intergrated Tech Solutions
  10. Andy Crown
Why Do I Love You (Red Greg Radio Edit)