Gigi Masin, Wind  
Gigi Masin
Label: The Bear On The Moon
Release Year: 2015
Style: Pop & Rock
  1 Call Me
2 Tears Of A Clown
3 Swallows Tempest
4 Tharros
5 Consequences Of Goodbyes
6 Underwater Current
7 The Wind Song
8 Conversations
9 Celebration Of Eleven
10 The Sea Of Sands
  Restored and re-mastered from the original tapes comes Gigi Masin’s much sought after first album ‘Wind’. Never commercially released the LP was in fact only given away at a number of small concerts, with many of the remaining copies destroyed during floods in the Venice based musician’s house.

Quickly becoming seen as something of a landmark ambient album in recent years, ‘Wind' is now lovingly presented again in it’s entirety. True to it’s original private issue it is once again being made available through Gigi Masin’s very own ‘The Bear On The Moon Records’.
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