Vast Aire Vs. Gilead7, Gatekeeper  
Vast Aire Vs. Gilead7
USA 7inch 
Label: ReServed Records
limited edition
Release Year: 2014
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Split 7inch on LA via Chicago label. Side A - Vast Aire vs. Gilead7 produced by Maker (Galapagos4, Now Again). Side B - Tomorrow Kings (group consisting of 5 MCs including Skech185 & Lamon Manuel) produced by Cos.  
  Austere and prolific writer Vast Aire, one half of the legendary urban obscure heavy rap duo Cannibal Ox, and credited for much of the literary success of their classic seminal release The Cold Vein, faces off against Chicago underground left field figurehead and ReSERVED flagship artist Gilead7 in a fatal duel of swords and axes. Over the fantastical and deeply evocative role playing game-esque context and atmosphere of a MAKER (Galapagos4, Qwel and MAKER, Glue) instrumental, Vast Aire is a gigantic “Gatekeeper” who guards a palace-castle that protects the God of All Gods. Unbeknownst to the skilled Gatekeeper, the God of All Gods is in danger of being destroyed by opposing forces who have gained entrance into the palace-castle. Gilead’s attempts to inform Vast Aire, the Gatekeeper that the God of All Gods is in danger are mistaken as threats, and a battle of blades and wits ensues. The song and its descriptive writing capture the war in all of its narrative intensity, making the tale clearly visible to the ears. This story is taken from Gilead7’s second RPG/progressive hip-hop effort, Stories of Sorcery 2, which is currently under way.
Tomorrow Kings, “Feat Lil’ Wayne”
Imagine the greatest anticipation of an era. Imagine its appearance right in front of you and how your feeling of excitement turns to utter disgust the minute you realize that which is in front of you is nothing like what you expected it to be. Enter “Feat. Lil’ Wayne,” which has almost nothing to do with the Young Money icon at all. The brainchild of three of the seven members of Gilead7’s massive crew Tomorrow Kings, Malakh El, Wizard Jenkins, and SKECH185, “Feat. Lil’ Wayne track a multidirectional conceptual collage of snapshots of these MCs’ thought processes that adequately reveal a collective “resounding uniqueness” antithetical to mainstream herd instinct ideas that oversaturate human culture. Malakh playfully chides those who claim to have more insight than they actually do into the mysteries of the universe. Wizard weaves a mini narrative of lynching, the rendezvous of a hotel’s staff, and a dead subject resurrecting as a “HellSpawn.” SKECH185 closes the track with what defines as his “wedding vows to death” as he ruminates on how the cowardly path is one that chooses to succumb to such pressure.
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