Thavius Beck, The Most Beautiful Ugly  
Thavius Beck
The Most Beautiful Ugly
Label: Plug Research
colored vinyl
Release Year: 2012
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Eye of the Beholder (Intro)
2. Break til Broken
3. ABV
4. Atmos
5. Feel Me/Fear Me
6. Whether or Not
7. Labward Bound
8. Terror Byte
9. Imma Get So
10. Joy (Bring It)
11.In Your Eyes
12. Ain’t Nothin
13. Tears of Fire
14. Altered Minions
15. Shucky Ducky Chuckie
  Beck is an Ableton Certified Trainer, who has given private lessons to Photek, Rhianna/Beyonce producer DJ Frank E and Skylar Grey - the US hitmaker for artists including Dr. Dre. Plug Research is the label responsible for Flying Lotus’ debut album, plus releases from Sonnymoon, Dntel, Daedalus, John Tejada, Thomas Fehlman and Bilal.
The high drama of album opener ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ sets the scene for a cinematic and technicolour ride through fifteen slabs of sonic excellence, at times reminiscent of DJ Shadow, Rustie, pre-‘Dollar’ Aloe Black, Platinum Pied Pipers, Model 500 and Dam Funk.
Thavius Beck is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He played alto and tenor sax throughout school and by his teens also picked up the bass guitar. At summer art camp when 12 tears old, he first encountered the Ensoniq SQ-2 sequencer and the Roland S-50 sampler.
Whilst working at the famed Amobea record store in Hollywood, Thavius gave Busdriver a batch of beats to consider for his ‘Fear Of A Black Tangent’ album. Busdriver happened to be playing the music one day while Saul Williams was visiting, Saul was impressed enough to ask for Thavius’ phone number and called him on the spot. Very soon afterwards, Thavius produced ‘Act 3 Scene 2’ for Saul’s self-titled album, a cut that featured Zack De La Rocha.

“Blending Brainfeeder-esque experimental material with tooth-rattling bass tones, he sounds like Daedelus remixing Starkey. Thavius Beck’s beats are cinematic and fully developed”
Potholes In My Blog

“Exceptional production throughout, which draws influence from electronic producers as much as hip-hop”
The Red Alert

“Beck takes listeners into his genre-bending style of music which meshes together jazz, hip-hop and electro. Being that he’s respected within the jazz community, it allows him the opportunity to blend a wide range of instruments and sounds”
Soul Culture

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