Southpaw Chop, Never Stop Sampling  
Southpaw Chop
Never Stop Sampling
Label: Southpaw Chop
Release Year: 2010
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  Side A

1. Here We Go w/ Large Professor
2. Here We Go instrumental
3. Breeze beat

Side B

1. Fingerprints On The Record
2. Bring It On Back
3. Yet to be Taught
  Southpaw Chop is a Japanese DJ/producer who is dedicated to sampling only from original records when he produces, and refuses to aimlessly follow trends of the times. He came in action in the late 80s, when the Tokyo club scene turned to hip hop as it’s next big thing.

In 1998, he debuted on DJ Krush's all instrumental album "Kakusei", on the track "1200", which he built using only an SP1200. The Japanese rapper "Nipps", of "Buddha Brand", invited him to produce a solo project and they laid down the highly respected "God Bird", which captured huge attention in Japanese hip hop scene. In 2004, he was signed & released 3 records on the Japanese Tri-Eight Music Supplies label. His abstruse programing skills stunned many fellow producers, and he became very active, producing both major and indie rap artists with class and taste.

In 2007 his instrumental track, "Rookie", was picked to feature in Takahiro Morita's skate movie "Underground Broadcasting". Morita is a well respected video director / producer who has, through his Far East Skate Network, released a whole series of popular skate and music-based movies, along with corresponding EP and LP soundtracks, since 1995.

Southpaw Chop's bottomless energy lead him also to release many mix CDs, to great acclaim, so launched his "Southpaw Chop Music Production" label, hit hard with his first EP (including "Rookie") and a new mix CD series called "Underground Railroad".

Crosstalk is excited to get involved with Southpaw Chop just as he is about to take on the rest of the world. He's set to release a solo instrumental album, conceptualized around his production style, titled "Never Stop Sampling: Dedicated For Those MC's Away From The Limelight", but first off is this EP. Expect support from hardcore fans like London radio show "Rhythm Incursions", Amar Partel (Straight No Chaser), Robbie Ettleson ( and Dave Roberts (DWG) as Southpaw Chop steps out from Tokyo.

Product Info:

EP from the forthcoming album features double frame view of track making and DJ play concept and its well both made academically and sporty. Southpaw Chop has selected the songs that those are produced to play especially in the venues. Side A consists of his collaboration song with legendary rapper Large Professor “Here We Go” and funk sample based instrumental tracks. Side B includes the songs like “Fingerprints On The Record” and “Bring It On Back”, these tracks knock off the crowd and stimulate DJ’s to juggle 2 vinyl. In the past, DJ’s were the man at the wheel and hooked up the break and made B-Boys dance. This EP is bringing that early Hip Hop’s taste and culture in life by filtering through Southpaw Chop’s superb skills and sense.
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