Da Lench Mob, Planet Of Da Apes  
Da Lench Mob
Planet Of Da Apes
Label: Priority
Release Year: 1994
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Condition Vinyl: Excellent
Condition Cover: Excellent
  1.Scared Lil' Nigga (Insert) - 0:48
2.Chocolate City - 3:42
3.Cut Throats - 4:30
4.King Of The Jungle - 3:50
5.Who Is It ? (Insert) - 0:38
6.Planet Of Da Apes - 4:49
7.Goin' Bananas - 3:30
8.Mellow Madness - 5:58
9.Environmental Terrorist - 4:15
10.Set The Shit Straight - 4:19
11.Trapped - 3:36
12.Final Call - 3:50
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Therapy - Remix
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