Hi-Tek, Hi-Teknology  
Label: Rawkus
Release Year: 2001
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Condition Vinyl: Excellent
Condition Cover: Very Good
  1. Scratch Rappin
2. The Sun God feat. Common & Vinia Mojica
3. Get Back Pt. II feat. Talib Kweli & DCQ
4. Breakin' Bread feat. Donte, Main Flow, Brian Digby, Jr., and Crunch
5. All I Need Is You feat. Cormega & Jonell
6. Where I'm From feat. Jinx Da Juvy
7. Tony Guitar Watson
8. Round & Round feat. Jonell
9. Get Ya Steppin' feat. Mos Def & Vinia Mojica
10. Theme From Hi-Tek feat. Talib Kweli
11. L.T.A.H. feat. Slum Village
12. Suddenly feat. Donte & Main Flow of Mood
13. The Illest It Gets feat. Buckshot
14. Hi-Teknology feat. Jonell
  On his debut solo album, Hi-Teknology, Cincinnati producer Hi-Tek brings together some of hip-hop's most innovative lyricists to complete his multilayered musical collages. Hi-Tek made his name producing for Black Star and Reflection Eternal, creating impressive tracks that were always as complex as the rhymes that Mos Def and Talib Kweli rhymed over them. On Hi-Teknology, however, he's not limited to the range of just two MCs, and each track is fashioned to custom fit the artists featured. "The Sun God," featuring Common and Vinia Mojica, is a musical composition that is nothing short of perfect. Common is at his poetic best, telling a moving story over Hi-Tek's soulful production, which blends unidentifiable sounds to create an atmosphere that has a mysterious story of its own. "Breakin' Bread" is an archetypal hip-hop track with a hazy flute sample that gives the song a jazzy feel. And the funky production on the risqué "L.T.A.H.," featuring Slum Village, will transport listeners to the '70s. With Hi-Teknology, Hi-Tek secures his place among the great producers by bringing serious musicianship to hip-hop production and creating a truly satisfying album.
Lot of marks on vinyl. Plays ok though.
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