Grandmaster Caz & DJ Signify, Grandmaster Caz & DJ Signify  
Grandmaster Caz & DJ Signify
Grandmaster Caz & DJ Signify
USA 7inch 
Label: Grandgood
Release Year: 2004
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  First official release by Grandgood label features Grandmaster Caz of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers, - over two bangin' beats produced by DJ Signify - it also includes a guest appearance by Waterbed Kev of the original Fantastic Five and was co-mixed and co-arranged by Steinski.

Limited to 1000 copies, this release pairs a celebrated emcee with beats that belong to that ground-breaking grade of Hip-Hop that reminds people what it means to snap your neck! This record is sure to be a collector's item, not only for seasoned Hip-Hop fans but also the emerging generation of enthusiasts.
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