DJ Shadow, Pre-emptive Strike  
DJ Shadow
Pre-emptive Strike
Label: Mo Wax
Release Year: 1997
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Oroandonor (extended overhaul)
What does your Soul look like (part 2)
What does your Soul look like (part 3)
What does your Soul look like (part 4)
What does your Soul look like (part 1)
  This set compiles much of DJ Shadow's pre-major label material in one convenient package in an attempt to foil bootleggers and bring new fans up-to-date in the curriculum. The results are naturally varied, but all point to a marvelous evolution of talent. The collection is kept together primarily by its propensity for jazzy beats and psychedelic loops. Shadow (n� Josh Davis) moves through everything from old school funk ("In/Flux") to grungy '60s-style guitar raveups ("High Noon"). The centerpiece of the set, however, is a four-part composition called "What Does Your Soul Look Like," which is likely to be the first ever entirely sample-driven rock opera. It's a brilliant piece of work, laced with intriguing sounds, sound bites, and a detectable set of motion. It is also quite possibly better than anything on the critically -acclaimed Entroducing.  
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