Showbiz & A.G., Full Scale EP  
Showbiz & A.G.
Full Scale EP
Label: D.I.T.C.
Release Year: 1998
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
Condition Vinyl: Good
Condition Cover: Good
  Side A:
Full Scale
Drop It Heavy (f/Big Pun & KRS-One) Spit
Side B:
Q&A (f/Ghetto Dwellas) Raw as Ever
Full Scale Beats Drop it Heavy
Spit Beats
Q&A Beats
  Following the two classic LPs "Runaway Slave" and "GoodFellas," some wondered whether Show & AG still had it. This EP answered any doubts about one of hip hop's greatest duos. In addition to the mixtape champs "Spit," and "Full Scale," arguments still take place about who ripped "Drop it Heavy" most: Big Pun, KRS-One, or AG. Cop this...  
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