Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth, Funky Technician  
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth
Funky Technician
Label: Wild Pitch
Release Year: 1990
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  1. Lord finesse's theme song intro
2. Baby, you nasty (new version)
3. Funky technician
4. Back to back rhyming [Feat. AG]
5. Here I come
6. Slave to my soundwave
7. I keep the crowd listening
Side B
1. Bad mouth
2. Keep it flowing [Feat. AG]
3. A lesson to be tought
4. Just a little something
5. Strictly for the ladies
6. Track the movement
  The debut album from hip hop legend Lord Finesse, stacked full of classic tracks and including production from DJ Premier, Showbiz & Diamond D. Together this alignment formed the genesis for the incredible D.I.T.C, and true-to-form this is 100% solid, sample-heavy east coast hip hop vibes. A straight-up classic reissued with the full original artwork.  
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