Murs, God's Work  
God's Work
USA 12inch 
Label: Definitive Jux
Release Year: 2003
Style: Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  God's Work (Street, Clean, Instrumental)  
  Def Cover (Street, Clean, Instrumental, Acapella)  
  Murs just can’t be stopped and with the melodic yet dribbling production of Belief “God’s Work” is off the heeze! Damn, Murs is pretty exacerbated on the flow tip, but his urbane ability to narrative rap is showcased here as he tells you about how damn hard he work for everything; to get laid, paid, and to keep a roof overhead. The beat is Hepatitis B cuz it is too sick. Man, this 12” is worth the duckets so sell your sister to a bordello cuz this joint is off the meter! ;-)

“El-P made the beat, ain’t I killin’ it?” Alright, that lil’ line right there is the true exemplification of the new Murs joint “Def Cover.” Now that one of the Living Legends’s crew members is with the Def Jux camp you can start to believe that El-P is just fish-netting all the of the underground’s finest. Definitely one of Producto’s more up-beat joints and Murs tears this thing like a hymen. Murs has always been sick with it and that trend now continues with an equally, yet different, crew. Your tables will want to smoke this joint.
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